Download Audioutlaw MIA Midi Input Assistant ALP MXF

Audioutlaw MIA Midi Input Assistant ALP MXF

A simple, elegant midi display and processing utility

A stunning (HUD) heads up display that includes a collection of MIDI visualizers that can correct your playing in real time.

MIA (Midi Input Assistant)

Midi Input Assistant is a dedicated Midi Utility. It can be extremely helpful in the music learning, teaching, and production process by displaying what you are playing in the standard format of several musical instruments. Its stunning translucent interface can sit on your computer screen ready to provide you with real-time visual feedback. No more wondering what note or chord you just played with your midi controller. With MIA you will always know what you need at a glance.

Midi Input Assistant can also correct your playing to a chosen root note and scale. It does not matter the kind of controller you use. If it can send out MIDI then MIA can transform every note into a scale corrected masterpiece!

The available modules include;

The Piano Keyboard Module

The Guitar Fretboard Module

The virtual Ableton Push (in note mode) Module

The Music Notation Module

Also included are;

A fully interactive Circle of 5ths

Recognizes and displays incoming Chords

Midi to Hertz Display

A Tempo Calculator

Displays incomming MIDI Control Change messages

Displays incomming Program Change messages

Displays incomming Aftertouch messages

Displays incomming Program Change messages

***This Software Requires Max For Live***

Intel® Mac with Mac OS X 10.7 (or later)
PC with Windows 7 (or later)
Multicore processor
1024×768 display

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